Microsoft’s new OS is gradually rolling out between now and mid-2022. However, I guess this free upgrade service will be ended by mid-2022. Since then, upgrading to Windows 11 will no longer be free. The download will be followed by Installation and the installation will start in background while you continue to work.

  • You can then save the image by clicking File and then Save from the dropdown menu of the application.
  • The snipped image is then opened within the Snipping Tool, but is also copied to the Windows clipboard for use in other applications.
  • Windows 11 Installation Assistant can only be used on PCs with Windows 10, version 2004 or higher installed.
  • This will facilitate easier toggling between multiple desktops.

I rely on Microsoft Defender, as I feel it ensures that Defender will support the operating system on the day of release. I’ve tracked issues in the past when antivirus from third-party vendors did not support a Windows release on day one and caused issues. So check the antivirus you use and ensure that it’s fully up to date or uninstall it if you plan to upgrade to Windows 11. It might seem quaint, but once upon a time, customers used to line up overnight at the local tech store to get a copy of the latest and greatest Microsoft release. Now that we can update ourselves , my recommendation is to hold off. It’s best to ensure that any major bugs have been fixed before installing Windows 11 and to make sure your vendors will support it.

Windows Update errors

Unlike Windows 10 which nested all the settings in multiple levels, Windows 11 put it all on one screen so you can see what you want to change at a glance. This is refreshing and much easier to use and navigate than Windows 10. They’ve also improved the touchcreen and pen support on Windows 11.

You get four Thunderbolt 4 ports, video support up to Dual 4K @ 60Hz, 40Gbps transfer speeds, an SD card reader, and so much more. Windows 11 lets you create individual virtual desktops. You can customize them with different wallpapers to make it easier to organize and identify each one.

Using a third-party screenshot app

Bugs that have already been identified include memory leaks and performance-throttling. And while Microsoft generally try to fix these quickly, it doesn’t guarantee that other issues won’t emerge to replace these ones. So waiting a little while longer, and allowing others to click here experience all those teething issues, may be a wise choice. Especially if there aren’t any killer features that you simply cannot live without.

For older controller cards, it may be necessary to use the same 16 bit compatible software drivers for non-supported equipment that you used with older versions of Windows. If old drivers are all that are available for your equipment, you’ll lose some of the advantages afforded by a 32 bit operating system. It would be wise, whether or not you are currently planning to upgrade to Windows 95, to make sure any hardware purchases you make now are of high quality, brand name components. Microsoft will tell you that Windows 95 runs on an Intel 80386DX processor. It does, but at about the same speed as a snail can run in tall grass.